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Global Zoom panel discussion on ‘Is India becoming a fascist state?’

Is India Becoming A Fascist State? a global Zoom panel discussion was hosted at the New South Wales (NSW), Australia Parliament, Sydney on 26 November 2020. The discussion organized by The Humanist Project, IAMC, Hindus for Human Rights, and Amnesty International, Australia. Those who participated in View from Academia & […]

When Ahmed Patel opined: It’s impossible to win a poll in Gujarat if you’re a Muslim

By Rajiv Shah AHMEDABAD, 26 November 2020: Ahmed Patel has passed away. It is indeed sad that he became another Covid victim, like thousands of others across the world. His loss appears to have been particularly felt in the Congress corridors. I know how some party leaders from Gujarat would […]

NEWS ANALYSIS – Lesson for Indian Muslims from Bihar: Learn to distinguish between friends and foes

BJP and AIMIM are two sides of the same coin—one playing on Hindu passions and the other polarising Muslims. They feed on each other and help each other grow. By Zafar Aga Communities in decline often fail to distinguish between friends and foes, ending up paying a heavy price for […]

US election: What does Joe Biden’s victory mean for South Asia?

The US could become more globally engaged under Joe Biden. Former diplomats and experts from South Asia told DW how a revamped US foreign policy would impact their countries and the region. US President-elect Joe Biden is expected to pursue a foreign policy that will be a sharp contrast to […]

Is tying a Rakhi or marrying the sexual assaulter justice for the victim?

Court directions to marry rapist or tie rakhis disregard what the survivor wants in order to protect her honor and upend law’s progressive morality. By Meghna Kattheria st week, the Madras High Court ordered an accused of statutory rape of a minor to marry the survivor as a condition of […]