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BOOK REVIEW- Afghanistan: A country that refuses to be tamed

RETURN OF A KING – AN INDIAN ARMY IN AFGHANISTAN; William Dalrymple; Bloomsbury 2014; 567 pp, Rupees 499. By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 7 April 2020: I bought this book from Mumbai’s Crossword Bookstore in 2015 and started reading it quite late and, slowly, but finally, finished it last year. Meanwhile, […]

Project Tiger ushered in loud roars in 50 reserves

Photo- Ajay Suri By Ajay Suri Long live the tiger! It would not be wrong to say that tiger, the most majestic of all animals in India, owe it’s existence to the remarkable events that started unfolding during this month in 1973. Photo-Ajay Suri Due to rampant poaching and legal […]

Bamera Male: The most sought after Tiger of Bandhavgarh

Photo: Supplied. By Aslam Warsi NEW DELHI,29 March 2020: Bamera Male. The name itself would send a shiver down my spine. Shiver not of fright, but of anticipation- borne first of an intense desire to meet him (from a safe distance) and then of a few electrifying encounters I had […]

Not all of about 15 lakh passengers who landed in India between Jan 18-March 23 screened

By SAT News Desk March 27, 2020: The COVID-19 crisis has taken a dramatic turn in India with the revelation that lakhs of passengers who flew into India were not screened at the airports. Plus, the alleged leaked data of passengers on a mobile phone App is raising eyebrows. A […]

COVID-19: Top TU demands Rs 5 lakh crore package, as marginalised ‘left in lurch’

BY Counterview Desk One of India’s top trade union organizations, All-India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), in a statement, has taken strong exception to a “meagre” allocation of Rs 15,000 crore to fight the deadly coronavirus, has said that little is being done to help the marginalized sections of society, especially […]