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Karzai escapes Taliban rockets in Ghazani

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has escaped unhurt after the Taleban fired rockets at a meeting he was addressing in the province of Ghazni. Several rockets were fired but missed their target and nobody was hurt, according to government officials. Some of the audience panicked during the incident, but Mr Karzai […]

Evidence mounts of Bangladesh mass torture

By Peter Lloyd An ABC investigation has uncovered evidence linking Bangladesh’s military-backed Government with mass arrests, illegal detention, torture and at least 100 murders since January. The horrific revelations come as Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer prepares to unveil a one-third increase in foreign aid to Bangladesh. Since January, soldiers […]

India meddling in Nepal: Prachanda

By Anirban Roy Kathamandu: CONTINUING WITH its mudslinging at the US, Nepal’s Maoists have also fired a salvo at New Delhi, accusing it of “meddling” in Nepali politics. Maoist chief Prachanda said that New Delhi’s stress on a coalition between the Nepali Congress and the Communist Party of Nepal (UML) […]

Himal (June 2007) edition banned in Bangladesh

Anyone in Bangladesh or elsewhere can read the banned Himal (June 2007) edition by clicking on ‘Himal’ (right below) in this site. The issue has many articles on Bangladesh which the military regime in Dhaka is not happy with.

Police evict Tamils from Colombo, bid to stop LTTE infiltration

Colombo: Police in Sri Lanka have forced hundreds of the minority Tamil community out of the capital Colombo for what they say are security reasons. They launched overnight raids in Tamil areas of the city and forced guests staying in budget hotels onto buses. Police said that Tamils who were […]