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President poll: ‘Desperate BJP concocting stories’

” Our commitment to upholding the dignity of the President’s office prevents us from raising questions about Shekhawat’s educational qualifications. Abhishekh Manu Singhvi, Congress By Srinand Jha New Delhi HAVING DEVELOPED a scare from a woman, the Opposition BJP – in a fit of desperation – has resorted to a […]

Prathiba’s election is definite, BJP- third front in shatters

By Neeraj Nanda The events of the last few days have made one thing sure – the definite victory of UPA- Left- BSP candidate Prathiba Patil becoming India’s next President. This became clear after much confusion Kalam backed out, as he would not become a candidate unless assured of a […]

Pakistan ‘building new reactor’

Satellite images show that Pakistan is building a nuclear reactor that could be used to produce weapons-grade plutonium, a US watchdog says. It has warned that its construction could contribute to another nuclear arms race with neighbouring India. The Institute of Science for International Security (Isis) says photos taken earlier […]

1977-2007 : Road to revolution 30 YEARS OF LEFT IN BENGAL

Land reform to industrialisation By Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya THE LEFT Front government’s 30 years in power is a record, not just on the slippery ground of Indian politics but also in electoral politics anywhere in the world. Change and evolution are constants in politics and the CPI(M)-led coalition is no stranger […]

Living in a material world

India is see-sawing between its appetite for spirituality and hunger for consumerist pleasures By Mark Tully SCHIZOPHRENIA IS defined in my dictionary as “a medical condition marked by discon nection between thoughts, feelings, and actions.” There certainly seems to be a disconnection between India’s conversion to market capitalism and its […]