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Delhi wildlife exhibition presents ”a cohesive big picture of India’s great wilderness’’

Photo: Supplied. By Rajeev Sharma New Delhi, 15 January: For the first time, some of the most well-known camerapersons of India have come together and organized an exhibition on wildlife and the environment. Tiger, of course, plays an important part in our week-long show in Delhi. But we go much […]

Did the Indian government use Israeli spyware to target activists and journalists?

Photo: Peoples Dispatch WhatsApp has filed a case against the NSO Group, the Israeli developer of the Pegasus spyware which can be used to steal information from targets. At least 1,400 people were targeted with this spyware, according to WhatsApp October 31, 2019: Pegasus, spyware devised by the Israel-based NSO […]

India strengthens medical device regulation

Photo: ICIJ By Scilla Alecci NEW DELHI, 21 October: India’s health ministry announced recently its plan to register and regulate all medical devices in the same way as drugs due to concerns over their safety and quality. The government’s decision comes almost a year after the Implant Files investigation by […]

Crowd thrashes miscreants for forcing Muslim couple to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in Rajasthan

ALWAR: Around 11.30 PM on Saturday night, two men riding a motorcycle began harassing a Muslim couple waiting at a bus stop, insisting they chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’. One of the men also allegedly flashed the woman. However, this enraged bystanders who then thrashed the accused and handed them over […]

Watchdogs not lapdogs

By S N Sinha* If those in power think that by shooting the messenger, ‘All is well’ message goes to the public, they are mistaken. Suppression of the flow of news to the people and keep them in dark is not healthy for democracy. What is happening in Uttar Pradesh, […]