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BOOK REVIEW: The Maharaja of Jodhpur’s Guns

By Bhaskar Parichha The Maharaja of Jodhpur’s Guns; By Robert Elgood; Niyogi Books, New Delhi; Rs 4500; 2020. When an international arms historian discovers the famous Indian firearms in a book with a focus on the legendary Jodhpur collection, it ought to be stimulating. Jodhpur was one of the most […]

REVIEW: Coded Bias, Netflix Documentary – Robotised racism

Photo-Netflix By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 12 April 2021: During the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union (now Russia) spied on each other and on their own citizens as the ideological paranoia reached its heights. It might be history, but the new cold war between the US and […]

The Great Indian Kitchen (Malayalam), Amazon Prime Video : Domestic drudgery or domestic slavery

Photo- Amazon Prime Video grab By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 10 April 2021: If one delves into one’s own life, many episodes are stories to be told. Only, we want to be silent because of our own complacency. Indian domestic life in a joint family under one roof has been the […]

REVIEW: The Serpent (Netflix) – Charles Sobhraj, the ‘bikini killer’

Photos- Netflix By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, April 7, 2021: Premiered by Netflix on 2 April 2021, The Serpent, (eight episodes) grips you like an ongoing fever, as the master criminal Alain (Tahir Rahim), his girlfriend Monique (Jenna Coleman), and friend Ajay Chaudhury (Amesh Edieweera) move ahead on their killing spree […]

PREVIEW: Ajeeb Daastaans (Hindi), NETFLIX – with Trailer

Ajeeb Daastaans – Geeli Pucchi Photo: NETFLIX By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE, 6 April 2021: The four-part ‘Ajeeb Daastaans’ (Hindi), produced by Dhamatic Entertainment and directed by Shashank Khaitan, Raj Mehta, Neeraj Ghaywan, and Kayoze Irani, the anthology releases on April 16, 2021, exclusively on Netflix A twisted tale of […]