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Coronavirus “information heroes” – journalism that saves lives

What most of these heroes have in common is the fact that they revealed information highlighting the pandemic’s gravity or their government’s mismanagement of the crisis. Some are veteran reporters like Ana Lalić in Serbia or combative investigators like Blaž Zgaga in Slovenia, Andjouza Abouheir in Comoros and Sergei Satsukin […]

VIEWPOINT: The toppling of racist statues is historical poetry

With powerful energies moving against racism across the planet, opportunities are arising to question its enduring assumptions of civilizational superiority and undo its normalization. Illustrator: Anastasya Eliseeva By New Frame The rebellion that began in Minnesota in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd quickly acquired a national […]

OPINION: Unsung heroines: Who cares for the carers?

Photo: Fahim Siddiqi /IPS By Jomo Kwame Sundaram KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jun 11, 2020 (IPS) – Even before Covid-19, the world was facing a care crisis. The plight of often neglected, under-appreciated, under-protected, and poorly equipped ‘frontline’ health personnel working to contain the pandemic has drawn attention to the tip […]

Race, caste bias, human rights aren’t ‘internal matter’ any more: Indo-US web talk

Speakers at a recent Indo-US web policy talk on Blacks in US and Dalits in India have agreed that fight against socio-economic discrimination cannot be an internal matter of a country, insisting on the need to “globalise” human rights. Jointly organised by the Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI) and […]

VIDEO: Why Cyberspace Governance has become more Important after COVID

Despite many hurdles and setbacks, the need for a multi-stakeholder approach towards the global governance of cyberspace has become critical for humanity to harness the full potential of the internet, says Asoke Mukerji, India’s former Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York. By Newsclick Team 04 Jun 2020 […]