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Oz top cop slammed for ‘look poor’ advise to Indian students

Australia’s top cop Simon Overland has been slammed by Indians for his ‘look poor’ advise to Indian overseas students to avoid attacks.

Mate do not roam alone

Australian cricket players in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and hockey players participating in the hockey World Cup (starting Feb. 28) have been advised not to venture out of their hotels alone or wear national uniforms and other clothing identifying their nationality.

Defensive Brumby offers to meet Indian envoy

Victorian Premier John Brumby has expressed willingness to meet Indian High Commissioner Mrs. Sujatha Singh to brief her on the progress that had been made, including boosting police patrols in high risk areas like railway stations and toughening up police powers to search for weapons.

NZ cabbie murder knife found

Auckland: Cops have found a knife they believe could have been used in the murder of Auckland Co-op taxi driver Hiren Mohini. The 39-year-old cabbie was stabbed numerous times in what is being described as a frenzied attack. Mr Mohini’s death has left two girls without a father, and today […]

Rajapaksha re-elected: state TV

By our news bureau President Mahinda Rajapaksa has won Sri Lanka’s first election since Tamil Tiger rebels were defeated after 25 years of civil war, state TV reports. Although the final results are yet to be declared, Mr Rajapaksa appears to have won more than half the votes cast, reports […]