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Updated Australian Citizenship Test to focus on ‘Australian values’ of freedom of speech and religion, mutual respect, democracy and rule of law

By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 17 September 2020: Australia will have a new updated citizenship test from 15 November 2020 with a focus on ‘Australian values’. The updated test will include a dedicated section on ‘Australian values’. Citizenship testing has already resumed across Australia, with the exception of Victoria. More than […]

Climate Study of Past 66 Million Years Reveals Earth’s Temperature Rise as Unprecedented

Image Courtesy: The study concludes that this human made climate change is far beyond the natural changes that are triggered by Earth’s changing orbit. Periodicity is an inherent part of the natural world. It not only limited to day-night, winter-summer periodicity in the natural world extends to the Earth’s […]

‘Foreign interference’ does not refer particularly to one country: Alan Tudge

By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 4 Sept 2020: Australia’s concern about ‘foreign interference’ in multicultural communities from ‘foreign actors’ s does not refer particularly to one country, says Alan Tudge, Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs. He was answering a question by South Asia Times (SAT) at […]

Anthony Albanese: Australia needs a post COVID plan for job creation; slams Tony Abbott’s London views about elderly people as shocking

By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 2 Sept 2020: The quarterly dip of seven percent GDP for the June quarter, has pushed Australia officially into recession. This the country’s first recession in 30 years due to the pandemic lockouts and restrictions. Some of the restrictions in Melbourne are likely to be relaxed […]

New Australian law to ‘review’ state/varsity arrangements with other countries ‘inconsistent with foreign policy’

Photo- Live streaming By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE, 27 August 2020: In a move that is likely to further strain relations with China, the Scott Morrison government has decided to enact legislation to ensure the arrangements states, territories, councils and universities have with foreign governments are consistent with the Australian […]