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Pandemic forces Melbourne’s TJC Museum to vend London Liberty Face Masks

By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE,5 August 2020: The COVID-19 crisis has hit life including galleries, museums, and cinemas here, amidst the six weeks stage-4 restrictions. Business is badly hit as the government’s financial support keeps people in shape despite remaining at home. Online life including shopping has become more of […]

Changing Mindset: Society evolvement

By Deepti Sikka MELBOURNE, 31 July 2020: Gone are the days when a woman required a man to uplift her social stature or give her rightful due. Women have come a long way. This is evident the way Disney portrays their princess, no longer does a Princess requires a Prince […]

13 insider tips on how to wear a mask without your glasses fogging up, getting short of breath or your ears hurting

Sketch-SAT/NN By Craig Lockwood* & Zoe Jordan** After midnight tonight, wearing face masks will be mandatory for people in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire when they leave home. It’s also recommended in New South Wales when physical distancing isn’t possible. This means many Australians will be wearing a face mask for […]

Condemning racism, VMC says, legislation alone is not enough to change our society

Photo- VMC By SAT News Desk MELBOURNE, 14 July 2020: Amidst the deep COVID-19 crisis in Victoria laced with the five-days sudden lockdown of nine towers run by the Housing Commission and then the subsequent six weeks Metropolitan Melbourne lockdown, the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) has come out with a […]

Pandemic impact: Home buyers shifting towards renting

By Deepti Sikka MELBOURNE, 13 July 2020: The COViD-19 pandemic globally including Australia is changing life at a fast pace. In Australia, the curve has been flattened but the second surge in Victoria and to some extent NSW is causing concern. This is unlike anything we have ever experienced leaving […]