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BUSINESS/FINANCE: How to Protect Your Income?

By Balki Balakrishnan* Melbourne: A typical family should have these five types of insurance covers – Life & Terminal Illness (TI), Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), Trauma (Critical Illness), Income Protection and Child Trauma covers. In the last edition of this newspaper, we explored the features of Trauma Insurance. This […]

WEF: ‘Privatise Profits, Socialise Losses’

By Ravi Kanth Devarakonda GENEVA, Jan 28 (IPS) – The Davos delegate seems short of faith this year about anyone’s ability to save the world from the financial tsunami that the bosses have unleashed. And with colleagues such as Ramalinga Raju of the now infamous Satyam Computers languishing in jail […]

FCNR deposit rates up

Mumbai: Atleast four leading banks today hiked their interest rates in foreign currency deposits, apparently with a view to mop up more such deposits in the face of tight liquidity conditions. These banks are the State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank and Union Bank of India, according […]

Why food prices rising the world over?

The trading frenzy that sent prices soaring By Iain Macwhirter Published 17 April 2008 Iain Macwhirter on why the price of basic foodstuffs rocketed, from London to Haiti Four people were killed in food riots in Haiti. From Bolivia to Uzbekistan there have been violent protests against the doubling of […]

Economic reforms:India should avoid mistakes of Latin America

By Girish Mishra New Delhi: In India, especially in the media and think tanks, there is no dearth of people educated in the formal sense of the term. It is, however, a different matter that many of them have nothing to do with rational thinking based on the principles of […]