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MOVIE REVIEW: Will those perusing only profits for health goals & products accept Padman Akshay’s message?

By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 8 February: In a nutshell, Padman is the story of a mechanic (Akshay Kumar) who invents affordable sanitary pads and tries to influence his wife (Radhika Apte) and his two sisters to use them but is shunned by them as the taboo product clashes with their […]

Movie Review – ‘Padmaavat’: Technological marvel; fit for today’s political climate

By Neeraj Nanda MELBOURNE, 24 January: From ‘Padmavati’ to ‘Padmaavat’, Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s controversial cinematic marvel is a milestone of sorts. Its technological dazzle dominates the screen amidst the drama of Delhi’s Muslim Sultan Allauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh) invading Chittor, ruled by a Hindu (Rajput) King Ratan Singh (Shahid […]

Video: Dangal Wins Best Asian Film Award At AACTA Awards 2017, Sydney

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FILM REVIEW: ‘An Insignificant Man’ who shook the corrupt status quo

Photo: Supplied. By Neeraj Nanda An Insignificant Man: 2016; Directors Khushboo Renka and Vinay Shukla; Running time-96 minutes; Language-Hindi with English subtitles. Melbourne, 30 May: Directors Khushboo Renka and Vinay Shukla’s ‘An Insignificant Man’ is a documentary which starts with the formation of the Aam Admi Party (AAP) and ends […]