Tanya Plibersek : Education cuts will impact multicultural communities


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 8 September 2020: Shadow Minister for Education and Training, Tanya Plibersek, at a virtual press conference for culturally and linguistically diverse media today said the Morrison government’s proposed plan to cut university funding will impact multicultural communities.

Answering a question by South Asia Times, Tanya said, ” It will be harder to go to the university with the Morrison governments proposed legislation to cut Humanities funding before the Senate, students will pay 40 % more and some even more for university education.

The Whitlam government opened up universities for everyone and made them democratic and now we want more people to get opportunities to go to the universities.”

“The country’s Education Minister has three Arts degrees and having Humanities education did not stop the Minister and many others from taking up important positions,” she said.

Shadow Minister for Home Affairs, Senator Kristina Keneally said Labor was concerned about the 23,000 Australians stranded abroad because of the pandemic. She wanted the government to increase the cap on entering the country for these people.

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