Australia: 40 % struggling international students from India & China


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 17 September 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the world with a big loss of life and the decline of economies. Australia is no exception despite massive government support and subsidies to people and businesses. One section in Australia feels betrayed and left out – international students. They were kept out of the jobkeeper and jobseeker schemes considered the economic lifeline in the country.

The Guardian Australia (17 Sept. 2020) story by Luke Henriques, ‘Callous treatment’: international students stranded in Australia struggle to survive’ is quite revealing.

The story based on a survey of 6,000 international students by the University of NSW & the University of Technology, Sydney says 40 percent of the surveyed students were from China and India. And, 7% from Nepal.

Last month, 524,000 international students in different universities and institutions were still staying in Australia, the guardian report reveals.

Much more sad things happened as one reads the story. Of the surveyed, one in six were on food relief from charities and community organizations.23 % faced verbal abuse/racism and out of these 35% were from China.

Many countries have included international students in the subsidies for pandemic relief but not Australia. The consequences are inhuman suffering and Australia’s reputation as a land of ‘Fair go’ is at stake. The PM’s comment ‘time to make your way home’ for those who are considered the country’s cash cows did not help.

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