Intaj Khan quits Council politics for the ‘next vision’

Intaj Khan (Photo supplied)

By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 17 September 2020: Eight years Wyndham Councillor Intaj Khan has called it quits from Council politics. The private educationist and politician Intaj Khan who left the Labor Party some time back has always been in the mainstream and local news. This time it is he not contesting the October Council elections.

The news first splashed by the local Star Weekly has created big talk within the South Asian and local residents. Talking to South Asia Times (SAT) Intaj Khan says, ” I now look beyond the Council and go for the next vision.”

What he means by the ‘next vision’, Intaj Khan did not elaborate. But speculation is rife he might be having an eye on the next Victorian state elections though he has not joined any other political party since quitting the ALP last year.

In a longish media release, Intaj Khan says, ” Wyndham community needs strong leaders with a sound understanding of both economics and needs of the business to repair the damage to local livelihoods as a result of COVID-19. I urge local residents to support candidates who can work to rebuild our local economy and contribute towards local job creation.

I am not leaving politics. I am just pursuing what I see as the most challenging issue facing our community and the answer to this challenge lies outside of the local council. We must create local jobs and opportunities. This is my most urgent priority.”

Intaj Khan is involved in a property development project (Mount Eliza Estate) in the West and is building a 16 room family property in Tarneit. He is not the only politician in his family as his brother is a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of the ruling Congress Party in India’s desert state of Rajasthan.

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