Five Indian students bashed up in Melbourne, one critical

By our community reporter

Melbourne: Five Indian overseas students here were today bashed up by a group with iron rods etc. in their house in the Pascovale suburb. One ot the victim is critical, says Gautam Gupta of the Federation of Indian Students of Australia (FISA).

56 comments on “Five Indian students bashed up in Melbourne, one critical

  1. max says:

    @adam – get fuc#@d… your Australian but u just called Aussies racist pigs… its pretty sad to stereotype a whole nation on bashing’s from a minority of people Melbourne

  2. tyrine says:

    yeah mike u suk balls

  3. whiteaussie says:

    haahha i am laughing my head off reading what this nut case mike allen has to say and it looks like his twisted mind cannot be changed! i really feel sorry for u mike ,you need some professional help mate!

  4. U suck says:

    Using long words does not make u intelligent oh and fyi (for ur information comprehend and understand pretty much mean the same thing seems senseless to use them right after each other….)

  5. Mike Allen says:

    Well my message to you is get a life and stop trying to demoralise efforts made towards improving our nation, as for your affection comment my parents are great we used to holiday 2 or three times a year and go fishing and hunting all the time, both my parents were great to both me and my brothers and sisters, so your accusation has no legs. Any way what matters is that i am right all these racist reported attack are all lies, the last one where the two indians had there fence pulled down involved three sri lankins so screw you and stop trying to defamise my people and demoralise my nation my people stand by my opinions and support my efforts to protect Australian civil rights and liberties,

  6. Varun says:

    hahaha … Mike Allen you are such a clown I cant stop laughing my head off reading all that you have written. Seems you didn’t get enough hugs and affection as a kid and it’s showing up now in your hatred for others. get a life seriously and find something better to do than spreading this hatred. Aussies are one of the most genuine and fair people I know but its pests like you who give a bad name to the group.

  7. Mike Allen says:

    re; James the white Australian! IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE ON ME! WHY BOTHER U R THE FOOL

  8. Mike Allen says:

    WELL ELISE AS I SAID you are anti australian in your ideas that only reflect your stupid uneducated opinion, your are a traitor, treason is your name and sabotage and destroy Au is your game, I speak for all AUSTRALIANS, AND I will be glad to see the back of you

  9. elise says:

    Did you stutter???

    You are getting more stupid with each post.

    I was born in Adelaide, you moron. I told you my heritage. If you could read all the text, not just the bits you select, then you wouldn’t have asked.

    I am a full blood Australian caucasian with English aristocratic heritage, born in Adelaide, and as I mentioned, Adelaide is the first town of free settlers in this country.

    Enjoy working in what I am guessing is a fish and chip shop.

    Consider this my last post, Mike. There is absolutely nothing even remotely intelligent about your argument…and I am only wasting my time conversing with you.

  10. Mike Allen says:

    yeah what kind the I am you are we are NEW australians kind, ha ha ha ha ha Having an AU citizenship is not enough for me and most others to call you an Aussie, besides you are anti australian in your ideas that only reflect your stupid uneducated opinion, your are a traitor, treason is your name and sabotage and destroy Au is your game, I speak for all AUSTRALIANS, oh and my business is none of yours perhaps you are a client and i earn money from you but you will never know suffer. And my business turnover has increased over 500% since i took over and is still growing but you will never know what one will you traitor

  11. Mike Allen says:

    yeah what kind the I am you are we are NEW australians kind, ha ha ha ha ha Having an AU citizenship is not enough for me and most others to call you an Aussie, besides you are anti australian in your ideas that only reflect your stupid uneducated opinion, your are a traitor, treason is your name and sabotage and destroy Au is your game, I speak for all AUSTRALIANS, oh and my business is none of yours perhaps you are a client and i earn money from you but you will never know suffer. And my business turnover has increased over 500% since i took over and is still growing but you will never know what one will you taitor

  12. elise says:


    Is that all you’ve got, Mike?

    I am not wasting my time spell checking my many typing inacuracies for you!!! I know my typing is shite!

    Nooo was an accentuated NO, you twat.

    I told you I am Australian…and I am sure I spelt that correctly.

    I usually use a phone when ordering a pizza…or I simply order over the counter.

    Business owner…what your business called, what do you do?

  13. Mike Allen says:

    And how the hell do you order pizza when muslims and indains are taking over all the shops

  14. Mike Allen says:

    but then, who would cook your fich and chips??? My oh my Elise what ethnicity are you to spell fish like that! No wonder you are attempting to missrepresent aussie opinion. And whats with the nooo I have lived in the U.S but was born and raised here unlike the invading job scabs who are ruining good business and degrading the nation and its economic values, I know I am a business owner I have been undercut and lst some business to scab, but they rip people off, I dont, my good quality service that might cost a little more is well worth your dollar, and those cheap scabs if you want to spend your money there well expect problems

  15. James the white Australian says:

    @Mike Allen. Top of the class hey Mike? I suggest you go back to school to learn English before you post here again. There are millions of “non-white” Australians who spell MUCH better than you can. Examples below:

    “we don’t want them parasite here” (those parasites)

    “loosing” (losing)

    “there souvalaki shops” (their)

    Whilst you are at it, you should see if you can find a TAFE course in human decency, you bigoted idiot.

  16. elise says:

    dear oh dear Mike, you are seriously pathetic. I did suggest you quit….but noooo, you must continue with unsubstantiated waffle!!!

    If you dont like the way this country embraces multiculturalism …LEAVE!! Take your racism and go and live in the US, or better still, Gaza…that might teach you something.

    I dont want Australia to be known for the pathetic attitude you portray, and I am guessing I am not alone. This place will be better without you.

    When you say ‘we’ you mean who EXACTLY?? White Australians as a whole…or your crew of deluded neo-nazi mates???

    HOW DARE you generalise to the point of my inclusion in such rubbish!!!! I am Australian, I DO NOT FEEL AS YOU PORTRAY.

    Might I take this opportunity to inform you that Fish and Chips are bad for your health. I am guessing you will have a cholestorol issue at some stage, if not already…along with your personality deficiency.

    If you do not want pizza without ham…dont order it.

    If you do not want Chinese cooking your Fish and Chips…order it somewhere else!!

    Are you aware of the fact that these people end up filling these jobs because:

    The cultures you are referring to are HARD WORKING…and do not see themselves as being ‘above’ the task to earn a dollar. Generally Australians would prefer to not spend their time standing over oil vats, due primarily by attitudes such as yours….but then, who would cook your fich and chips???

    DO NOT, AGAIN, refer to your ideals as being that of greater Australian community. By doing so, you include me. I do not support your opinion, and I am confident in saying, there would be a great number of Australians who would agree with me.

    You are a true fool…the kind i wish was culled at birth. The world need less stupidity, and you certainly epitomise that breed of humanity.

  17. Mike Allen says:

    In Australia we do not have freedom of speech protected by law, but we sure as hell will exercise it, when us Whites buy food we want it cooked and served by Whites, when we make purchases we want to be served by Whites when we want to speak to a company we want White operators, when we send our kids to school we want White class mates and teachers, in fact what we want is White not black and White, simple do I need to say it in ten languages. We don’t want non Whites in our schools and unis to bring our knowledge overseas at the cost of denying spots to Aussies, in fact we just don’t want them at all, we don’t want subway and kebab shops we want the fish and chip shops back and no Greeks and there souvalaki shops are welcome because they are White, Italians and their beautiful food are welcome, we don’t want Chinese cooking fish and chips or muslims cooking pizza without ham, we want what we always had and are loosing and we will have it because Aussies are the toughest people in the world, our troops are superior and our people are superior only our visitors and the ones who think we are infidels are inferior and we don’t want them parasite here, squeeze back in at home before you piss Australia right off just that bit to far

  18. elise says:

    Oh, and Mr.Mike Allen….were you in the top of your class at Uni…or at high school?? If it was high school, and you have since done nothing since with that mind of your’s but make Australia look worse than it actually is…may I suggest you ‘quit while you are not ahead’?!

    Infact, I suggest you quit anyway.

    You are promoting ‘your’ bias view of Australia. Perhaps you should join the One Nation Party, as your writing/arrogance resonates with such a concept.

    Yes, we have a great deal of international students here…and the number is diminishing due to ill-fated attitudes such as yours. You are doing nothing to soothe the situation nor to find the truth. All you are doing is throwing volatiles on a flame.

    You have wasted my time in reaching the bottom of this feed to paste a comment that may actually hold some truth…and a comment that has been bothering me since I learned about the possibilities of retaliation last week.

    Go and find something productive to do with your time, and stop wasting ours. To be perfectly honest, it is your type of arrogance and the racist waffle you deliver that is no longer welcome in this country.

  19. elise says:

    Chan & Tara… I come from Adelaide, and as you clearly do not know your Australian history…I feel obliged to fill you in. Not all Australians are the products of ‘convicts and whores’ as you so eloquently stated. I will have you know that Adelaide is the first town of free settlers in this country. We came on ships, with our own money, because we wanted to start a new life, in a new country.
    Perhaps you should have more accurate information, Chan & Tara, before voicing such a ridiculously incorrect and ’time waste of an opinion’. Are you both evidence of a failed education system…or simply that of a stupid majority??

    This situation generates many concerns.

    Has anyone stopped to think about the possibilities of perhaps these Indian student offending locals groups of testosterone ridden men with the poor treatment of the local women??
    I have been led to believe that there are perhaps further reasons for the bashings that racism can possibly imply. It’s of course unfortunate, any situation like this has arisen… But I ask the authorities to do their job properly and further investigate the reasons behind such incriminating behaviour.
    I do not believe the bashings have occurred because the students are Indian. I believe the locals are possibly retaliating for injustices against women in their community.
    What do we want to happen with this situation….Do we want Victoria to be tarred as a racist destination which (will ultimately effect the education sector of the entire country)….or do we want Victoria to be known as a land of “justice for all.” (No Metallica reference intended) ?????

    get the content correct, and we may find a solution.

  20. Andrew says:

    Its not just anglo saxons bashing indians. From reports i have read it is usually other ethnics. Kids of migrants should know better. Maybe it takes the heat off them…?

  21. mike allen says:

    My education may surprise you I was the top student in the top class of a very reputable school; however you make your point that they don’t leach of us we leach of them yet they sling Medicare cards and health care cards, they occupy an incredible number of our jobs, and do it for scab wages, their presence is denying the labor to Aussies, they are propping up businesses every where like subway and other Indian owned establishment wasting our shop spaces that could be used for businesses that we want to use.
    They are trouble makers and once banded in numbers are dangerous and violent, they are liars as proven by the last one who claimed to be set alight by racists and was only lying and caught red handed, they are stirring the pot of trouble and aussies are not stupid we will retaliate socially and politically without violence, by means of the voice of the people and our right to freedom of speech, without the defamatory fear of being ridiculed by accusations of racism. And to your other point about the high fees! Screw the fees when higher grade scoring aussies are being denied places because of $$$$$ you expect aussies to want the money a shi??y little bit of doe at the expense of the education of aussies I don’t think so over my dead body, and every other honorable educated aussie would feel the same. And finally this is a public news web site not a over 18 site if you want to use language like that dic—ad then please email your offences so not to be exposing our young white up and coming aussies to your filthy cheap degrading talk
    Here is that email
    Thank you all please excuse the obscenities of our anti Australian participants,

  22. lejeune says:

    Hi Mike,

    I don’t know who you are and don’t really care – there is one certainty in life is that one day we will all die

    you are destined to go lonely and basically another useless atom that came into being for no purpose but to belittle people who are willing to give it a fair crack in life

    I am sure you want your women in the kitchen 24/7 as well

    lonely, uneducated, setthing, angry – very sad

    Mate one thing you may not know, is that Indian students who come here are from wealthy families, they don’t bring crime or drugs or anything here but a standard of high moral values and good clean living and don’t leach of us – we actually leach of them with extremely high fees ( why don’t you check this – they don’t have hecs Dickhead)

    But I am also guessing you are lowly educated or have none

    Try living mike allen and get that chip of your shoulder

  23. mike allen says:

    This is your opinion, yet you enjoy the benefits of our Nation, this is one of the many reasons that we want people like yourself to go home, people like yourself are nothing more than parasites sucking on the goodness of the White race. Go home, and speaking of criminals and prostitutes, you are asian your women are a greater majority of whores than any other race, your race is the provider of the 2buk _uck, The value of your whores in comparison to the value of White ones reflects identical parallels to the value of your race in comparison to mine. Go home we don’t want your cheap rubbish and cheap talk.

  24. tara says:

    hi chan!
    i totally agree with you!

  25. chan says:

    Hi all

    Aussies are descendents of whores and convicts.
    Enough said !!

  26. mike allen says:

    So you support conscription, because that’s what is takes to turn our boys into real working men that can drive the nation into untold prosperity, and that does not mean we all send our kids to war it just means that everyone does their time and our military can become more useful for national emergency like bushfires and floods, don’t see black hawks evacuating flood victims or providing emergency air lift and food drop off to cfa and mfb, they are there for a purpose and its more than just war, don’t you think every body should be a reserve.

  27. mike allen says:

    and as for your point about I should be charged I have not broken any laws, although there is no such thing as freedom of speech, I am only exercising my right to an honest opinion and if any body neared breaking laws it may have been yourself with your intimidating acid and fire remarks, and no I dont regret anything I think feel or say, and if I died or became injured serving the needs of the white race then I am proud and honored to do so, I stand for peace between all white people of the world.

  28. mike allen says:

    there you go again mindless jargon, dont be silly, i would not even blow holes in you, but I would send you home, and cut your entitlements, and my children understand nature and would never commit beatiality with a non white

  29. mike allen says:


    I welcome your mindless hateful and threatening anti nationalist anti white talk, I welcome you to show my people your true dirty colors, it only adds to my credibility, and yes by all means you carry out your threats it only adds weight to my point about dangerous desperate violent unwanted non white immigrants

  30. priscilla says:

    well! i suggest indian govt should stop sening people to study in australia and all other indians who are in australia to bring them back to india as mike has so vehemently suggested and fulfill mikes wish! let mike and people like mike raise their country’s revenue matching todays australia production which they get by racial people!

  31. priscilla says:

    i don’t hate you! instead i pity you because i wonder how long can you live, max 100yrs or so! i am sure one day you will regret every single word you wrote or said about colored people because you never know how your tomorrow might turn out to be!so don’t be a fool! there is a reason why God created colored people.

  32. priscilla says:

    mike! if you have kids i think you should start arranging their marriage!you don’t want your kids marrying a non white! what will you do if they do get married! will you take your shotgun and blow holes in your kids head!YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE WORLD so start changing your world because if you don’t!! you and people like you will find australia which you call your home a miserable place! a day will come when you feel like running and keep on running because people like you will never get respite! who knows maybe you are the one behind all these incidents! maybe aussie police are looking into wrong places! man! i think you should be arrested according to anti-racial law for inciting violence!

  33. priscilla says:

    what is white or black or brown? you clearly need to go to school and learn some lesson about humans came in to being!
    be careful of what you speak because people wont be so kind to you if they know who you really are!god forbid if something happens to you, like someone throwing a bottle a bottle of acid on your pretty face or you get burn in a freak fire accident,i wonder! how white will your skin then be? people like you disgrace your own country!australia is a great country but slithering worms like you will destroy australia!and dont worry marriages between different racial people is going on and soon there wont be any whites left! maybe you will be the last one the planet and when you die! you will never be at peace because you already bought your ticket to hell by despising other people and bring hatred in your heart!

  34. Mike Allen says:

    Racist protectionist nationalist enviromentalist conservationist call me what you like but have you all heard the latest news Sunday the 10th of January 2010 and what is making news headlines another Indian telling tales and making accusations that he was racially attacked when it is nothing more than a load of rubbish, I told all of you that these people are destroying our nation and using our laws to better themselves and destroy our White culture. Do I still hear any opposition to my wise opinion?

  35. Mike Allen says:

    Gee this thread is becoming more of an attack on patriotic white Aussies than anything else, and as for comments by 2nd generation Aussie (Indian heritage)I have a great zest for life I would never suicide but I would die at war for White Australians, I work two jobs and pay cash for medical services, although I rarely use them I use natural healing and would only seek a doctor perhaps to set a broken bone, I pay high tax on my second job it pays for welfare and detention facilities for non white immigrants I would prefer it go on my family but my nation has suffered political betrayal. And James you are a fool the drugs come from non Australians you idiot

  36. James says:

    @ Mike Allen. You are an absolute fool. I am a white Australian and I love the muliti-cultural society in which we live. The biggest menace to this society are from certain lazy, welfare and drug dependant white Australians who commit the most crime and drain our society.

    The absolute majority of our fellow Australians from an Indian (and Asian) background are decent, principled, hard working individuals.

    This country would be poor, boring and empty without these people. (A bit like your rhetoric, really) ;)

  37. 2nd generation Aussie (Indian heritage) says:

    You sound extremely Suicidal Mike. Please do see a doctor. P.S your more than welcome to use your Medicare card to which my taxes from working in a forigen based company is paying for.

  38. Mike Allen says:

    It is a load of media hyped garbage, every day muslims have fights and face insults against islam yet they dont get the news coverage, and every Indian who is attacked is screaming that it was racaily motivated reguardless if it was or was not they are just going with the hype. Every time any two people of two different races have a dissagreement a racial slur is sure to be said I think society is just creating work or should I say scams for lawayers and police to take advantage of while supressing the natural instincts of White Australians in favour of multiculturalism.
    I think it stinks, I just want to be served by White Aussies when I spend my dollars and it is becoming very difficult when all these non White migrants are taking up our jobs its scab labour and it is Nationaly degrading

  39. Hitkari Bhai says:


    The color of the skin is only a matter of pigmentation. Even if you want to categorize people based on that, many Whiles have killed many other Whites., so that does not help.

    The solution lies not in emphasizing differences but in recognising similarities.

    A fundamental love for other Beings is the similarity that is within you as well, just a bit hidden. Look for it. When you find it, you will find joy in life.

    May you have joy in life

    Hitkari Bhai

  40. Ken says:

    Mike, if you white people get off your ass and start doing work, there will be no reason for immigration to increase.

    Except for Abroginals every other person is a Migrant to this country in some form or other. Same came as students and some came as convicts. Which one are you?

  41. Mike Allen says:

    It is becoming quite clear that they are an unwanted and costly pest, and as much as I am sick to death of having trouble finding White people to provide my services so to are many others. Australians are sick of these people andwe want them gone. And as for the stupid comment by Stranger I am home in my nation that had a White only immigration policy until around the time of the snowy hydro project, and one day will again I stand for the rights of White people of all Nations we are not America and we wont let Australia become like that. And as for aboriginals we took their land it is ours natures law.

  42. shavu says:

    Well Mike Allen

    You sound like an outright racist! The topic being discussed here is about the bashing of Indian students on Australian soil. you are rambling about Aussie schools & Aussie kids?

    It shows your indifference to foreigners. May be it’s such xenophobia that is leading to the so called ‘not racist but vicious’ crimes!!

    May be Australia should concentrate on the existing Xenophobia first!

  43. Stranger says:

    Well Mike its better u go home too. More than half of the Aussie population are foreigners from different countries. The aborginals are the real aussies and u telling others to leave is gay.

  44. Mike Allen says:

    Its no suprise they are invading the nation, they should all go home and stay home. Aussie schools are for Aussie kids and our stupid government should stop selling out the goodness of Australia

  45. pooja says:

    I think at this stage, Indian Government should stop sending the students until the situation becomes normal. There are 200 countries, students can go anywhere for their academic degree rather than studying here in risk. Life does not stop if students don’t come to Australia – still there is life.

  46. Richie says:

    Adam… i m an indian… i have suffered racism as well…. and nw am in INDIA… but i have aussie frnds and they r really nice … cn’t really generalize all of them… ofcourse there are racist elements in australia… but i wud always stand by my ausie frnds as they hav stood by me in my time of need !!!!

    Thx for considering all that has happened tho !!!

    Cheerz mate !!

  47. adam says:

    all i can say is that australians are racist pigs.I am an aussie but completely ashamed of them all.

  48. Steve says:

    This henious acts of senseless violence is nothing but an helpless expression of absolute inferiority complex which I guess is now a global phenomenon as far as comparison to India is concerned.

    I fail to understand or comprehend why would somebody indulge in such brainless projection of stupidity which would invite a series of international wrath for their own country.
    We all appreciate the fact that australia is a fantastic nation to travel to and I’m sure the amount of revenue that the country earns every year from its travel and tourism is quite substantial, which benifits these mindless and imatured racists as well.
    Now in the wake of such racist attacks on Indian Students who make up more than 5% of their entire students forum will but nothing discourage all travellers from here to visit the country Down Under.
    This calls for an international probe since The Victorian Police also acted quite irresponsively on the Protesters.

  49. All I can say is that these groups who go around beating up poor Indian Students are COWARDS< take them on ONE ON ONE. These students sell their ancestorial property just to come here and study and the fees is not the very same fees we Ozzies pay, they pay something like 8 to 10 time the very amount we pay. respect them for they do not interfer with anyone.You do not show your manhood in a GANG but, when ALONE.

  50. gavin oughton says:

    description of offenders?