INTERVIEW : ‘Laxmii’ is a horror-comedy you will enjoy, says Akshay Kumar


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 7 November 2020: Akshay Kumar’s latest comedy-horror movie ‘Laxmii’ is premiering all over Australia except Victoria and in India starts streaming on DisneyPlus Hotstar on 9 November 2020. The female lead in the movie is Kiara Advani. Ayesha Raza Mishra, Tusshar Kapoor, Sharad Kelkar among others are also in the movie. It’s produced by Fox Star Studios and others and directed by Raghava Lawrence. I shot off a few questions to Akshay Kumar on the eve of the movie’s release.

Excerpts from the answers:

Question (Q): What is the special thing about this movie?

Answer (A): The chance to get to play a challenging role like this was the most special thing for me about Laxmii. By now you must’ve seen the song BamBholle…that’s a glimpse of the character in all its elements, characters like these are rare to come by, so when it did, I jumped at the opportunity.

Q: I have not seen this film but it looks like a ghost story? Does Akshay believe in ghosts?

A: It’s a horror-comedy wherein, on one hand, you’ll get scared also but you will enjoy it as well wanting to know what lies ahead. I haven’t had any personal experience as such so I don’t want to comment but I have heard stories from friends and family about feeling some presence or horror instances, in case that happens to me I’d fold my hands and quietly exit from there.

Q: So, in ‘Laxmii’, reports say, the ghost is transgender. Tell me a bit about your role and the trans-ghost?

A: You’re right it is a transgender’s revenge story but with comedy which is situational as my character gets possessed by the ghost of a transgender called Laxmii. It has to be my career’s most mentally intensive role unlike any other that I have played in my career of thirty years. This character’s mannerism, action, reaction, everything was different and I had to take extra care to play it with utmost honesty and integrity. I mean for the first time in my career I must’ve willingly given so many takes and retakes so that every shot is captured to its maximum potential.

Q: Why should people see this film?

A: Because after a long time I think there is a film which you can watch with your entire family…like a full-blown family entertainer, the perfect watch on Diwali. And it is a horror-comedy so you get to enjoy two genres in one film like I said before you will get a little scared but at the same time enjoy it as well.

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