Minister Jason Wood assures support to stop La Trobe scrapping Hindi program


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 23 November 2020: Federal Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs today assured the ‘Hindi Action Group’ during a telephonic conference that he will help the community stop the La Trobe University from scrapping it’s Hindi language program.

The university has decided to scrap the Hindi program saying it is facing a financial crunch along with dwindling student numbers.

The Minister listened to a brief on the subject from Ian Woolford, who teaches Hindi at the university and why it was essential to retain the same. Many others from the Hindi Action Group also expressed their views urging the Minister for Federal action on this issue.

The Minister has assured to talk to the Federal Education Minister and wait for the feedback he needs from the university which Ian will help obtain.

“I also want the Hindi language program to expand beyond its present reach.” the Minister said.

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