Another Melb. Indian student beaten, badly hurt

hit< Ashish Sood in hospital after the attack by 15 youths. PHOTO: South Asia Times

By our community reporter

Melbourne: An Indian student, Ashish Sood, studying at the Carrik Institute here was badly beaten by a group of 15 youngsters on Saturday midnight (30 May) at the city’s Chappel Street. He along with three others were attacked by the group who started teasing and bullying them for nothing and then pounced on them. Ashish was hit by a suspected metal object and the police was called. Ashish was admitted to Alferd Hospital with serious injuries and later discharged. He is in a shock and his nose is still bleeding, a friend of his told South Asia Times by phone.

9 comments on “Another Melb. Indian student beaten, badly hurt

  1. Parris Broderick says:

    I am a complete Anglo Saxon Australian & i to wish to hear the origin of of these attackers aswell.!! as for the uneducated opinions above have you really noticed the so called racial violence against indians….Indian Man burnt to death in rural N.S.W…by an indian couple….Gurshan Singh who was six years old was murdered by an indian,worst of that some foolish wanker spoke to the news when this happend speaking for the poor me
    indians that Australia is a racist country & it come,s out it was one of your own..!!!!!!I find it hard to beleive its white Aussie kids doing this to the students!!if its in a asshole suburb you will find that there doing that to there own people anyway so hard,n up.

  2. jo says:

    Can Ashish Sood please describe the individuals who attacked him? Could be an ethnic group who hate Indians? I am so interested. I am an Indian and I find that other ethnic groups are more competitive than Australians.

  3. G George says:

    Hi, you have to understand who Aussies are, criminals deported from UK, if UK are skum, what will be skum or skum like…. that is wht it is a racist country

  4. G George says:

    Hi, I am writing from UK
    I think the problem is there in UK also, we have racist bast….ds for a long time
    We need to ban these countries, they depend on us, in the UK, international students contribute 8 Billion Pounds, they take as a bunch of ass.ole…. even the Aussie prime minister laughed about the Indian bashing taking place saying, that his family likes Indian curries.

    Go to America mate or Canada…. show England and australia the red card

  5. Flavian Hardcastle says:

    Roshan not much is happening in Australia really. There are about 15000 assaults there per month, according to What that means is that even the official figure 81 assaults against Indians since 23 May, is not very large or significant. In fact it’s a bit small. But if the media gives each incident front page coverage, that makes it seem significant and dramatic. It’s basically all media hype.

  6. Atul says:

    I know Ashish very well. He was my room mate for 6 months. He lives in Glen Waverly. He is out of danger n doin well.

    I myself nearly got stabbed by 5 australians in 2006. They took 300 dollars from me, my mobile n jackets. I was robbed in Chadstone area. M still in shock and dont feel safe going out in the night time. Though those culprits were caught by police but later police let them go just with warnings.

    Feel free 2 contact me anytime.

    Atul Arora

    +61- 431417502

  7. Imran says:

    I am a press reporter and really need to speak to Ashish Sood. Please contact me on (Anyone who knows him can help as well). Thanks

  8. J says:

    Australia is a backward racist country.Even working in a MNC company you will find blatant racism ….you will be isolated, denied bonus…..etc…


  9. Roshan says:

    What is happening in AUSTRALIA…this is not one incident, itz repeating despite PM Rudd’s statement.
    Where is the police? Sleeping?