Greens Senator Nicholas McKim calls Carmichael coal mine ‘triple-bottom-line dud’

Graphic- Adani Australia

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE/CANBERRA, 4 December 2020: The never-dying controversial issue of the Carmichael coal mine once again raised its head in the Australian Senate this month (2 Dec 2020), with the Greens Senator calling the Carmichael coal mine project in Queensland ‘a triple-bottom-line’ dud. The Senator said, ” It’s a financial dud, it’s a social dud and it’s an environment dud, and it’s proposed by a company which has an appalling track record, particularly socially and environmentally.”

In his speech, the Senator raised many issues including fewer jobs being created compared to what was promised, the Adani Group building a dirty power station in Godda, India evicting local Adivasi landowners when its environmental approval was granted. The electricity generated by this power station using Australian coal will be exported to Bangladesh and operations which help the Myanmar armed forces (Tatmadaw) and its generals, hurting the Great Barrier Reef with increased coal mine shipping, building a port in Myanmar, and palm oil operations affecting indigenous people and natural habitats.

” This is a corrupt, bullyboy company that the Australian Government has jumped into bed with – and, for that matter, that the Queensland government has jumped into bed with. This is the company that the Australian and Queensland governments want to sell our environment-destroying coal to. It is this company whose pockets the Australian and Queensland governments want to line by using Australian taxpayer’s money,” Senator Nicholas McKim says.


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