Bollywood shooting ban in Australia

Mumbai: The attacks on Indian students in Australia has prompted Bollywood to call for boycott of Australia as a shooting detination. The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) has called upon Hindi producers to avoid Australia for shooting purposes. We have decided not to schedule film shooting in Australia till things get back to normal. While we don’t say Australia is a racist country, the inaction on the part of the government has forced us to stay away from them,” said FWICE general secretary Dinesh Chaturvedi.
Source: TOI

2 comments on “Bollywood shooting ban in Australia

  1. I once lived in India for a number of years, receiving great kindness and gracious hospitality wherever I traveled. Believing that thuggish attacks on Indian students (and indeed others) in Australia pose some hard questions for Australia, I have departed from my usual themes, and blogged these three articles, which I trust assist in bringing a degree of calm and the search for insight: The links for the other articles are contained there, which are: ‘Indian Students Attacked In Melbourne Australia: Cricket Star Brett Lee Voices Concerns’, and: ‘Attacks Against Indian Students in Melbourne, Australia’

    Barry Pittard, Australia

  2. Roshan says:

    I think itz important to push the authorities for better safety standards, but the indian presence in aus should continue.Minority rights can only be attained by non-violent protests and not by shying away……students should come and learn well,get PR and make the southasian community proud.Thatz da best reply to these perpetrators of freedom