Gujarati student attacked at Melbourne station

By our correspondent

Melbourne: An Indian student from Gujarat was today attacked at the Newport Station. He is said to have been attacked with a cricket and baseball bat at around 2 pm in the afternoon here. Another student who witnessed the attack was chased by the offenders. A FISA representative has confirmed the report. Whether the victim was injured or not is not known. His name is also not known.

4 comments on “Gujarati student attacked at Melbourne station

  1. Evie says:

    Yeah, you’re right. I’m a white Australian woman, and I was attacked the other night by three english drunk men on my way home from work on a busy street and noone helped. They didn’t rob me so I’d say it was because of three reasons:

    1. Racism. The English are racist towards Australians.
    2. I work and they don’t, so all they can do is get drunk, and they are jealous that I work 60 hours a week.
    3. I’m a woman, and English men hate women.

    Maybe this simplistic logic isn’t the best to apply to random violent acts…

    I feel a great deal of sympathy for this ambitious and driven young man and his family. He was attacked randomly, which is such an increadibly scary experience (as I know from experience) and he probably suffered a great deal of pain and fear because of the idiocy and destructive psychosis of some selfish murderous person armed with a knife. This is a sad representation of our community as a whole.

    I suspect if I had been walking through that park, I would have suffered the same fate. Women are vulnerable, and easy targets, but a dark park early in the morning would render anyone vulnerable, Indian or otherwise.

    Women are attacked, raped or killed every day here in this country, randomly, or by people they know and sometimes love. Yet noone is concerned when a man slaughters his wife in a Sydney suburb.

    Manpreet Kaur’s, a 29 year old Indian residing in Sydney, throat was slit by her husband, Chamanjot Singh, and not a word about it on this forum. Was that race related too? Or is there a deeper, more scary issue about growing violence in our community?

    Violence, whether it be random attack, or against a known victim, needs to be stopped! But fannning the flames of hatred within the community doesn’t help to curb the problem.

  2. Baljit says:

    Dear Citizens,
    i would say,its all happening out of two reasons:
    1.Racial abuse obvious.
    2.No jobs for locals as we indians work our ass off to give dem excellent results.
    I think we should fight this battle as indians 1st than australians.
    My wishes with this guys family.

  3. Mehul says:

    it’s Not Right You Australian why you attack on Gujarati?????????

  4. alwaysindian says:

    The whole thing going on in australia is very sad and australian government should take some actions to stop these attacks.