Gaura Travel excels by flying 10,000 Indians back home from Australia


By Neeraj Nanda

MELBOURNE, 6 February 2021: Australia-based Gaura Travel through their 40 chartered flights flew out 10,000 people to India during the pandemic. People stranded in different Australian cities as the Coronavirus hit the world and Australia faced immense physical and psychological trauma with little or no chance of going back home. It is here the Gaura Travels led by brothers Ashwini and Abhishek came in and performed the feat of 2020, uniting thousands separated across seas by the cruel pandemic.


‘Reuniting 10,000 Families’, was the celebration motto at the Mint-o- Mustard restaurant, Docklands, laced with the cool breeze of the water flowing across. Many from the community rubbed shoulders as Abhishek and Ashwini described their experience helping people hit by the pandemic and stuck in limbo. Their mission was, as they say, to be blessed by their clients. The support of Mr. Raj Kumar, Indian Consul General, and the Consulate, they said, was of great import in the endeavor. Of course, the wider community gave its full support and the mission was accomplished. As the celebration progressed the 41st charted flight to India was gearing up to take off from the Melbourne Airport.

In his speech, Mr. Raj Kumar detailed how during the pandemic the Indian Consulate remained busy throughout with the special flights going to India. The pressure was immense and stranded people were desperate. He praised the efforts and excellent successful work done by Gaura Travel and its team. The whole team was present and one could see the smiles and the pride of success on their faces.


Among those present were representatives from almost all the prominent international airlines who collaborated with Gaura Travel in the venture. So, what in the future? The answer came from Ashwini who said, “our goal is now 25,000”.

Regular international flights have not yet commenced and with the virus still around in many countries, one may have a wait for the pre-pandemic flying days. Till then the Gaura Travel seems to be the savior.

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