MoneyGram & 7-Eleven offer flat fee for money transfers to India, Pakistan & Bangladesh

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MELBOURNE, 8 April 2021: It’s now even easier and more affordable to send money with MoneyGram at 7-Eleven with the newly introduced $5 flat fee for money transfers. The $5 flat fee is applicable for each transaction up to

With this new everyday low fee when sending money to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, every cent you send can go further for your loved ones overseas.

Sending money from 7-Eleven provides convenience as you can transact from over 600+ stores nationally, 24/7. You can start the transaction at the MoneyGram touch screen kiosk found in 7-Eleven, or online at and then complete the transaction in-store.

Your money will arrive to your recipient at key agent locations such as within ten minutes. Or you can send it directly to a bank account and be assured there are no hidden fees or charges for the receiver.

It’s quick, easy and reliable.

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