‘Job rediness test’ to access skill claims: Evans


The Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Mr. Chris Evans meeting the Union Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, Mr. Vayalar Ravi, in New Delhi on July 20, 2009.

New Delhi: From next year Australia will introduce a ‘Job rediness test’ to access skill claims of potential visa applicants. This was disclosed by the Immigration and Citizenship Minister Mr. Evans to ‘The Hindu’ during his current visit to India.
He also conceded that there are loopholes in the Australian immigration system which allows education agents to market courses in cooking and hair-dressing as a short-cut to Permanent Residency (PR), the Minister said there were “perverse incentives.”
Asserting that the attacks on Indians were not racist, Mr. Evans said the incidents were a manifestation of various social issues relating to housing and transport, besides the students’ inability to focus on education because they had to pay back huge loans.
- Based on report published in ‘The Hindu’ by Anita Joshua on July 22, 2009

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    my response abt these attacks are on my blog melbourne diaries : rebelofmelbourne.blogspot.com