Education agents assault Indian scribe

By our community reporter

Melbourne: An unnamed Indian journalist here working undercover to expose visa and migration scams, was assaulted over the weekend. The journalist was assaulted when she was investigating a report for the ABC’s Four Corners program to be telecast in Australia tonight.
The reporter went posing as an potential student intending to pass the English test and willing to buy a fake pass certificate by paying a few thousand dollars.
“The woman was subjected to threats during the making of the programme and was attacked over the weekend. Police have been notified,” the ABC report said.
The Four Corners program intends to expose unscrupulous education/migration agents and government inaction despite complaints.

One comment on “Education agents assault Indian scribe

  1. John says:

    And, again, a convenient fact left out of a story published here on SouthAsiaTimes: the ATTACKER WAS INDIAN!

    I’m not condoning at all what Australia is doing to Indians – but you need to be fair in your reporting, instead of just whipping up frenzy.

    Three (???) I think “schools” recently found to be ripping off overseas students (mainly Indians) are actually RUN BY INDIAN OWNERS. Is that reported here? I don’t think so.