Taliban capture four Indian helicopters

Taliban fighters with Indian helicopter. Photo- Twitter

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 24 August 2021: Before the fall of Kabul when Taliban fighters captured the Kunduz Airport, they reportedly got hold of four attack helicopters donated to the Afghan Air Force (AAF) by India in 2019. One was a Mi24 and the other three were Cheetah Light Utility helicopters.

The Mi-24 helicopter and the three others were given to the AAF as a replacement for four attack helicopters that were gifted by India in 2015.

Photo- hal-india.co.in

The Cheetah Helicopter (identical to LAMA SA 315B Helicopter of Eurocopter, France) is a high-performance helicopter designed for operation over a very wide range of weight, the center of gravity, and altitude conditions. The five-seater Cheetah helicopter is versatile, multi-role, multi-purpose, highly maneuverable, and rugged in construction. It holds the world record in high altitude flying among all categories of Helicopters.

The helicopter is powered by Artouste – III B turboshaft engine.

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