NETFLIX PREVIEW: Minnal Murali (Malayalam) releasing soon


MUMBAI, Sept 6, 2021: Supernatural strength, and using it to fight evil and to save the world – who doesn’t love superheroes? ‘Minnal Murali’, one of the most awaited Malayalam films of the year, will premiere worldwide as a Netflix Film. Produced by Weekend Blockbusters (Sophia Paul), the action flick Minnal Murali is directed by Basil Joseph.

Director Basil Joseph says,” We wanted to create a superhero that people could relate to and connect with on an emotional level. Though the essence of a superhero movie is the action, our genuine efforts were focused on having a strong narrative that could stand on its own while backing the action. The film is going to be a really exciting one and I am looking forward to the release. It has been a dream project for the entire team and I am glad that the film is releasing on Netflix.”

The upcoming superhero film will see Malayalam icon, Tovino Thomas as the superhero ‘Minnal Murali,’ which is a story of an ordinary man -turned-superhero Murali, who is struck by a bolt of lightning, which bestows him with special powers. The film also stars Guru Somasundaram, Harisree Ashokan, and Aju Varghese in pivotal roles. Giving fans the chance to meet their new favorite superhero, the film will premiere with dubs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and English.

Tovino Thomas says, “I’ve been attached and committed to the character of Minnal Murali from the very beginning. I spent all my time communicating with my director to ensure the best possible outcome and immense amounts of work went into creating Minnal Murali. I’ve learned a lot and I’m grateful that during these strange times, people can still appreciate cinema from the comfort of their homes through Netflix. I hope everyone who watches the film loves Minnal Murali just as much as I do.“


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