Australia to establish a new Consulate General in Bengaluru


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 17 November 2021: Australia has decided to establish a new Consulate General in Bengaluru. The decision was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a message to the Bengaluru Tech Summit today. “Australia’s new mission in Bengaluru would expand our diplomatic presence in India to five posts, the PM said.

“Australia will deepen our ties to India’s innovators, to your technologists and entrepreneurs — as well as India’s governments at all levels. It is appropriate that today as you gather for this Tech Summit in India, that we’re kicking off the first-ever Sydney Dialogue in Australia.

This is a global summit on emerging, critical and cyber technologies — and I’m delighted to be announcing Australia’s first-ever Blueprint for Critical Technologies at that event. This signals Australia’s firm commitment to shaping the development and adoption of critical technologies internationally, including by working with trusted partners like India, PM Scott Morrison said.

The PM said, “We’re sharing expertise on cyber and critical technologies like quantum computing and AI. We’re working to make our supply chains more secure and resilient.

We’re collaborating on the mining and processing of critical minerals — like cobalt and lithium and rare earth elements — that are vital to clean energy technologies, and have military applications.

We’re also cooperating on space science, technology, and research — and Australia is proud to be supporting India’s inspirational Gaganyaan human spaceflight mission. We’re deepening our education and research links also — vital to technological cooperation.”

“I’m pleased a new Australia-India Centre of Excellence for Critical and Emerging Technology Policy will contribute to that effort. The Centre will bring together Australian and Indian technologists, policy practitioners, academics, researchers and thought leaders.

Helping our nations shape technology governance so it aligns with our values and supports an open, inclusive and resilient Indo-Pacific region. The Centre will also promote investment opportunities and innovation between Australia and India in technology, and amplify our policy influence globally, ” he said.

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