David Dhawan: ‘Do Knot Disturb’ suggests naughtiness



By our Mumbai correspondent

The King of Comedies, filmmaker David Dhawan is back with a bang with ‘Do Knot Disturb,’ the film that is set to hit the screens on October 2. Catch him in a candid chat where he talks about his new film, his association with some of the big names in the industry and his favourite comedy films…

So finally the hit Trimurti…David, Vashu and Govinda are back together?

(Laughs) Good one. I must say you journalist have a way with your words. Yes, we are back and I feel good making movies with my old gang. It’s like working with your family.

What took you guys so long to make a movie together?

Well, in between Govinda also got busy with his political career and Vashu was busy with his other business.

What about the rumours about fallout between you guys?

That’s all rubbish. We are one family and nothing can separate us.

You have not repeated your favourite partner Salman for Do Knot Disturb?

We will be working together soon. I’m dying to see his new film, Wanted. I heard it’s awesome. Salman is a superstar.

Coming back to Do Knot Disturb, what’s the USP of the film?

It’s a wholesome family entertainer. Like all my previous films, one can enjoy the film with the whole family.

DKD also has two former Miss Universe, Sushmita and Lara, coming together for the first time. What’s the high and low point?

Believe me it was never intentional to cast them together. It just happened. After casting them, we realised their background is similar…both have won Miss India and Miss Universe. But more than anything, they are also great actors and human beings.

Why it’s called Do Knot Disturb and not Do Not Disturb?

Because, Do Knot Disturb suggests naughtiness.

What about ‘Do Knot Disturb’ moments of your life?

I hate being disturbed in the mornings when I wake up. That’s my own space and no one should invade my privacy, and also late nights.

It is now exactly two decades in your filmmaking career. You are known for your penchant for comedy. Do you think you have evolved as a comedy filmmaker?

(Pause) What do you think about my movies? Don’t you think I have evolved as a filmmaker? Give me an honest opinion.

That’s for you to answer…

Well, I think, I have evolved as a filmmaker. And I keep experimenting with my films. I have never stuck to the same formula; and whenever I make a movie, I take the feedback of my son and other young family members. See whatever it maybe, today’s young generation plays a very important part in deciding the fate of the film.

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