Man in Burqa?

Call it a publicity stunt or genuine mistake but some people can go to any extent to promote their films. And if the publicity from television commercials and bill boards were not enough, the celebs come up with innovative ways to get that “extra” media space, even if you have to drag the god into it.

Music composer turned singer turned actor Himesh Reshmmiya did something similar couple of days back. Himesh makes his acting debut with Aap Ka Suroor which is due to release this week. For the same, he secretly visited Ajmer Dargah on Tuesday night to offer prayers but covering himself in a burqa. He made a backdoor entry to the grave of Khawja Moinuddhin Chishti. Apparently, he made all possible attempts to hide himself from the media but still the media managed to capture him unveiling his face.

Though some people took objection on his act, he reportedly apologized to the Anjuman Committee of the Dragah and stated that he never intended to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. While the official committee of the Dargah have no objection for Himesh saying he had no committed any offence by offering prayers in burqa.

Well, it seems Himesh is very much serious about his acting and trying his level best to make his film successful. Doesn’t matter if he has to wear a burqa for that.
- India FM (June 28)

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