Akshey is King in Oz with Turban photo


The photograph of Akshay Kumar and his turban during the filming of ‘Singh is King’ on the Gold Coast which caused furore around the world. Picture: Kit de Guymer.

- Gold Coast.com.au

By Our News Bureau

Melbourne: This photo of Bollywood star Akshey Kumar snapped by Kit de Guymer created controversy after some people of the Sikh faith objected to the style of the turban worn by Akshey Kumar during the shoot of ‘Singh is King’ at Australia’s surfer paradise Gold Coast.(taking place now) They felt that their faith was not represented well the way Akshey wore the turban.The producers of the film were upset at the controversy.Meanwhile, many offered their services to tie the turban properly. Akshey plays a Sikh in the comedy with Katrina Kaif.But other reports indicate that the Bollywood stars went unnoticed during the shoot. But desi net surfers had a field day commenting and clicking Akshey Kumar’s turban photo.

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