2 Melb. Indian students in ‘freak’ drowning incident


By our community reporter

Melbourne: Two Indian students of La Trobe University Paul Daniel Rayudu, 22 (male) and Varajitha Kelangi, 23 (female) both residents of Preston were found unconscious in a public pool (WaterMarc aquatic centre in Greensborough in Melbourne’s north-east )after a “freak accident” continue to fight for their lives in hospital.
According to The Age the freak incident took place “at the WaterMarc Aquatic Centre in Greensborough in Melbourne’s north-east when they were found unconscious in the pool about 7.40pm on Sunday.

The parents of the students are travelling to Melbourne to be with them in Austin Hospital.

Allan O Dennell, Sargent Greensborough Police Station has in an email to Goldy Barar, Electorate Officer for Hon Matthew Guy MLC (Minister for Planning) said: “It appears at this time that this was a tradgic accident. It seems that both were non swimmers. No direct witnesses have come forward. Varajitha was noticed floating face down in the pool at about 7.25 p.m. She was pulled from the pool and CPR commenced. While this was happening a patron noticed Paul lying on the floor of the pool.”

The Age reports ,Ambulance Victoria General Manager Graeme Parker warned people to be careful around water, especially during a time of heat, when many go to public pools to cope with the hot weather.

‘‘It’s a tragedy – young people going out and enjoying their day at the pool as most of the others were doing, and for some unforeseen reason something so simple has happened and resulted in such a tragedy.

‘‘Although water activity is a great pastime and leisure activity … it’s time to remind the community that they need to be careful around water,’’ he said.

- SAT News Service

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