Tragic death of three Indian students in Melbourne fire

By our community reporter

Melbourne: Three Indian students have been killed in a deadly house fire in the western (Footscray) suburbs. Three others of a family escaped unhurt after escaping from a window after breaking its glass. The bodies of the overseas students were found in the house by firefighters.

The Age, published from Melbourne has quoted a spokesman of the Indian consul-general in Melbourne having confirmed that the three students were Deepak Kumar Prajapati, 32, Jigneshkumar Ghanshyandas Sadhu, 24, and Sunil Ramanlal Patel, 24.

Two of the students belonged to the Horticultural Skills Australia, Swanston Street, Melbourne and the Ozford College of Business, Melbourne. The college of the third deceased student is not known.

The newspaper further says: ” the house owner Mr Phong Nguyen said the house, which had been rented by a family of three for the last 18 months, was fitted with smoke alarms. He said he did not know the three students were living at the property.”

“They’re certainly not on the rental list,” the owner told The Age.

The students were living in a weatherboard house (wooden home) and according to Victoria Police’s Detective Sergeant Rod Stormonth investigations were on to determine the cause of the fire.

A faulty computer monitor is being blamed for the inferno.

A report in the local media says that grief stricken friends of the victims have visited the burnt out house.

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