Astrologers on Modi

Mr.Laxman Das Madan

By our correspondents

New Delhi & Melbourne: Politicians and others are debating and arguing whether BJP will cross the magic figure of 272 on May 16 or not. Intense chats on the Face book and Tweets on the social media are discussing the fate of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Mr. Narendra Modi. Everyone has an opinion and often it is coloured with one’s political views. India’s numerous News TV channels are also in the race to capture the viewers with their many surveys and debates. But astrologers (no dearth in Delhi) not to be left behind seem to be giving Modi positive news with tough opposition. One may believe in astrology or not but the astrologers have a view on everything. So, what do they say about Modi’s success?

Mr. Narender Modi will face a tough fight to become the Prime Minister after the election results on May 16. Astrologers in India say that his stars are favourable but position of Saturn in his horoscope indicates tough fight from enemies (means opponents). According to his birth chart Saturn is looking towards his sixth house presently. It is just like clouds in the sky. Although others stars are very much in the favour of Modi and after 19th June, Jupiter’s position in his ninth house will be much favourable for him. Currently his Venus is also very strong which indicates sure shot success.

Famous astrologer (90 plus) Mr. Laxman Das Madan, who is also the founder of astrological magazine “Babaji”, predicts 100 percent success for Modi. During my recent visit to India, Madan told me at his Guargoan home,”nobody can stop Modi to become the Prime Minister of India.” He added,” Modi’s birth Chart is very strong and position of Venus in Pisces clearly indicates great success for him. According to his date of birth, i.e., 17 September 1950, time 11 AM ,Distt Mehsana, Gujarat, birth chart indicates Scorpion ascendant.”

When SAT asked him about opposition from within the BJP to Modi from Advani, Sushma Swaraj, M. M. Joshi etc., Mr, Madan dismissed them as of no consequence. He also claims to have predicted that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will not become Prime Minister’s.
Mr. Laxman Das claims to have predicted earthquakes, cyclones, nuclear tests by North Korea, trends and tensions in different countries, global warming and India and much more.
Another astrologer Ramesh Mehra who has been practicing astrology more than five decades is seeing Modi’s future bright. He said,” although Saturn is not in his favour (right now in 12th house and looking at sixth house of enemies) even then chances are bright because of Venus and Jupiter. After 19th of June his Jupiter will make him king.”

For Ramesh Mehra astrology is a hobby. He is not a commercial astrologer. He lives in Ashok Vihar in Delhi. People who have faith in Astrology come to his house and get free astrological consultancy. Mehra added,” Modi’s current planetary position indicates favourable Venus which will get election results in his favour but 12 th house Saturn will make a tough road ahead but after 19th June when Jupiter will transit in his nineth house which is Cancerian no body can stop Modi.

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