I respect press freedom but new laws ‘necessary’: Victoria Premier

Photo: SAT/NN

By our reporter

Melbourne, 13 October : The Victorian Premier Dr. Dennis Napthine, has said he respects the freedom of the Press but the recent national security laws criminalising reporting or disclosure of some operations under it were ‘necessary’. This he felt were necessary for a safe and harmonious society. He was answering to a question on the issue by SAT at a media conference for multicultural media at the Parliament.

Answering to another question, Dr. Napthine said he was all for more ‘community engagement’ to discuss and sort out issues effecting the community.

Mr. Mathew Guy, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship said, “More than $ 24.4 million has been allocated to the Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship portfolio in this year’s state budget.”
“The government is working on many multicultural policies which will be soon announced,” he said.

- SAT News Service

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