SRK explains how his younger version in FAN was a big effort

Double Bonanza for SRK Fans
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By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 8 April : It was a rather different but candid talk with media persons through a very clear video link, SRK talked about his new movie FAN releasing on 15 April. He still looks like the Hockey Coach in ‘Chak de India’, shot mostly in Melbourne. The Indian /South Asian media with a few others was there and excitement ran high as the video link was tested.

The Friday evening treat with India’s greatest movie star so far away but so near left its mark on this scribe. I wonder when will the mainstream Australian media go beyond Hollywood?

Anyway, South Asia Times (SAT) eagerness to know about the youngish cute looking 20-year-old SRK (the Fan in the movie) streaming around in trailers, photos and publicity material bore fruit as King Khan explained some of it.

In fact, SRK says, “ I had to be de-aged and the process was cumbersome with at times it took five hours for my forehead wrinkles to be hidden with makeup and in a few hours they would start to diminish because of sweating. This makeup removal took another one and half hours.”

“ This man who is famous Hollywood special makeup effects artist Greg Cannom had earlier failed twice in Hollywood in giving a de-aging look but was successful with me.

Once it took many hours to remove all lines on my forehead, nose was done, eyebrows redone, eyes made bigger, lips given a new look and the cheeks made chubby,” SRK told SAT.

The post production work involved complex 3-D visual effects (VFX) whereby in the process imagery was created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. VFX, reports say, was used for the character of Gaurav (obsessed Fan).

“The unique story idea of this film came from Director Maneesh Sharma who is also from Delhi and not from Yash Chopra as reported elsewhere, “ says SRK.

About his real-life fans, says SRK, I meet and hug my fans whenever I get the opportunity. It’s essential to meet people who admire you.

“Aryan (movie star) role was more challenging and emotional. Before I became a star I was a fan. Being a movie star in Fan was more realistic than what I am,” says SRK.

About his role as an actor SRK said, “ I feel a huge responsibility and do not want to let down people. I want to make people happy. When I went to Mumbai I was alone but now I have a family of billions all over the world.”

About Melbourne, SRK said, I would like to come to Melbourne. It has grown so much.

Fan is directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films. Both Vishal–Shekhar and Andrea Guerra, composes the soundtrack album and original score.

In Australia, the movie is being released by the Mind Blowing Films. For all information check –

- SAT News Service.

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