Aam Aadmi Party Overseas buzz in Social Media

Dr. Kumar Viswas

Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Convener, AAP Overseas has announced the formal structure of the Overseas team of the Aam Aadmi Party to connect Indians abroad to this political revolution in June and an integral part of it was the social media team. AAP Overseas has been able to connect thousands of Indians settled abroad with the fight against corruption in India started by the Aam Aadmi Party.

And his trust in this team was affirmed when within 20 days of the announcement, AAP Overseas created a huge buzz on social media with its anti-drug campaign worldwide called #KickNasha

What crowned this initial achievement was the ‘#TalktoAK’ Campaign which not only trended top in India but was 4th worldwide in twitter trends.

Following with highly successful campaigns like #AKinGujrat etc. AAP Overseas social media team is the trendsetter now on twitter and other SM platforms.

AAP Overseas is not only spreading the work done by the AAP in India but is also responsible for making viral the activities of its different chapters in different countries all over the world. With worldwide trends like #AAPUK4Punjab #AAPCanadaYouth etc. it is the frontrunner in Global trends leaving Social media teams of other political parties far behind trying to achieve even one tenth of the success of AAP Overseas.

This team really showed her mettle with back to back campaigns against the highly criticized demonetisation scheme of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s. The way they brought out the loopholes of the scheme right in its initial stages made their trends worldwide drawing media attention to what was intrinsically wrong with this drastic step.

And now it’s crowning glory is the Chalo Punjab and Calling Campaign, where Indians settled abroad, are being motivated to return to India and Campaign to save Punjab or to call and motivate the voters for AAP if they cannot be physically present in Punjab.

According to Shail Gautam (@IacShail), Social Media Head, AAP Overseas, “The strength of our team is the hundreds of volunteers who are passionate about bringing a change in the political system of their motherland even though they may be hundreds of miles away from it. They selflessly spend their time and money for this political revolution and their idealism and enthusiasm overwhelmingly surpasses the paid machinery of our rivals. We owe our success to these dedicated faceless volunteers all around the world and their zeal to see a better India.”

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