Australian Sandalwood giant Quintis, eyes the Indian market

Photo: Mr.Frank Wilson,CEO Quintis
By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 23 March: The holder of the world’s biggest Sandalwood supplies, the Perth based Tropical Forestry Services (TFS) rebranded as Quintis is all set to conquer the Indian market. It wishes to get partners from within India’s top natural/Ayurvedic companies to market diverse Sandalwood products.

Talking to SAT on the sidelines of its rebranding party at the Melbourne Park’s elite Glasshouse, Mr. Frank Wilson, CEO Quintis said, “We are going to India in May this year on a mission to get business partners and are confident our products will be accepted in India.”

“We will talk to the big guys Dabur, KSVL, Patanjali and others but these will be very early discussions. The company’s brand ambassador and investor Adam Gilchrist has introduced us to a number of companies in India,” he said.

About Adam Gilchrist, Mr Frank Wilson said, “Gilchrist has all the qualities our products have.”
Photo: Brand ambassador Adam Gilchrist at the rebranding party.

Answering a question from SAT Adam Gilchrist said, “It has been a wonderful experience to mix passions Cricket and Sandalwood. For the first time I will be endorsing products in India.”

“We are the custodians of this amazing product which is high in quality and produced in a sustainable way,” he said.

Mr. Frank Wilson said, “In the coming five years our projection for the Indian market is small but going forward in the decade will make India our biggest trading partner because it’s a natural and big market.”

“We will sell Indian Sandalwood to Indians which will be authentic and premium product,” he said.

A Quintis brochure says, “Our first harvest was in 2014, and we now care for over 5 million Sandalwood Album trees, located on over 12,000h across one of the most genetically biodiverse and visually stunning visuals our planet has to offer.”

“Over 500 passionate and inspired individuals work as an international team to achieve our ambition for the future of Sandalwood Album,” it says.

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