Victoria to appoint ‘South Asia Business Commissioner’ in Bangalore


By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 12 June: Victoria has decided to go all out to woo business and trade relations with India and other South Asian countries. The state has decided to appoint a ‘South Asia Business Commissioner’ based in Bangalore. This was disclosed today by Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Hon. Philip Dalidakis at a media conference for ethnic media at the Parliament House.

“The Andrews Government is also preparing an India strategy,” he said.

The Trade Minister also said building their own wealth is good for new migrants. He also praised international students in Victoria for contributing so much and those going back to home becoming Australia’s Ambassadors in India. This he felt was a great contribution.

It was disclosed there are 175,000 international students in Victoria and it earned $ 7.1 billion from the international education sector.

Earlier, the Trade Minister was introduced by Multicultural Minister Hon. Robin Scott who detailed some of his initiatives including the international student travel discounts, a trade mission to China, Hamer scholarship program and helping companies enter the China market.

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