Mewar Royal Lakshyaraj welcomed in Victorian Parliament


By Neeraj Nanda

Melbourne, 14 June: Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, Udaipur’s dashing prince and leading hotelier in India was today welcomed at the Victorian Parliament House among others by the Speaker Hon. Bruce Atkinson and Hon. Craig Ondarchie, Shadow Minister for Investment and Jobs and Trade.

Lakshyaraj disclosed, “Mewar was for democracy and the first Indian princely state to join the Indian Republic when the British left. Mewar remained for change instead of living in the past.

“Seventy-five generations do not live on ego. The idea is to grow through life”, he said.

He added, “Our family set up a girl’s school 150 years’ ago. We continue to support it. We also run the Mewar Charitable Trust.”

The lively debate between Lakshyaraj and those present included subjects like cricket, politics and the Indian community.

Lakshyaraj fondly remembered his student days in Sydney and said, “my foundation was laid in Australia”. For his class mate and friend Nitin Gursahani it was, no doubt, a nostalgic encounter.

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