West Gate Bridge all set to get a fresh coat of paint

Photo: Wekipedia.

By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 27 September: For the first time in 40 years, the West Gate Bridge is set to get a fresh coat of paint.
But footy fans hoping to see the bridge painted in their team’s colors will be disappointed, durability
requirements will restrict the color choice.

Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan today called for expressions of interest to repaint the entire steel structure, a
job expected to take two and a half years and more than 55,000 liters of paint.

Starting later this year, a dedicated team of specialists will be perched high above Melbourne’s skyline to give the
bridge a facelift, with the painting project expected to create an additional 50 jobs.

VicRoads regularly inspects and paints sections of the bridge, but this will be the first time in four decades the
entire steel structure will be stripped and refreshed.

The paint job is an important part of maintaining the bridge and protecting the steel structure from the effects of
sea water, wind, and Melbourne’s weather.

A similar shade of grey, anti-corrosive paint will continue to be used for most of the bridge, with the bridge props
to be painted white to give some contrast.

As part of the maintenance project, the existing surface will be stripped back to bare metal, and several coats of
paint will be applied.

The successful specialist contractor will use a combination of brushes and spray guns to paint over 80,000 square

VicRoads expects there will be little impact on drivers during the work, with most of the painting happening
below the bridge deck, keeping traffic disruptions to a minimum.

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