The ‘The Manganiyar Seduction’ on March 6-7 @ State Theatre


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 5 March: The ‘Manganiyar Seduction’ is a visually and musically stunning masterpiece, where 40 musicians from three generations of Manganiyars perform in a 36-windowed ‘jewel box’, with the songs slowly building to giddying heights. It will be held on Tuesday 6 March and Wednesday 7 March at 8 PM at the State Theatre, Melbourne.

The artists (Manganiyars from Rajasthan) met the media and important community members at the Arts Centre giving a short performance today. It is a celebration of music from this community of musicians from Rajasthan’s Thar desert. With colourful Tribal outfits they performed with traditional musical instruments mesmerising those present.


The Manganiyar Seduction was first created to open the Delhi Film Festival in 2006. Its rousing success, incredible originality and intense musicality has seen it tour the globe ever since. The project allowed Director Roysten Abel to collaborate with the Manganiyar musicians for the first time, with the concept a dazzling union between the Manganiyar’s music and the visual seduction of Amsterdam’s red light district. The set is a combination of the Hawa Mahal Palace in Jaipur and the red light district, and is often compared to a jewel box.


This dramatic and astounding performance is not to be missed as these extraordinary Manganiyar musicians transport audiences to another world.

Check Arts Centre Melbourne site – for tickets and all other information.

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