Girish Makwana’s ‘Colour of Darkness’ nominated for the Ozzies


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 25 March: Director Girish Makwana’s feature film ‘Colour of Darkness’ has been nominated for the Oz Flix Independent Awards. OzFlix, Australia’s movie global streaming service, will present the inaugural Ozflix Independent Film Awards (the “Ozzies”) on Saturday 7 April 2018 at The Alex Theatre, St Kilda, in Melbourne.

‘Colour of Darkness’ has been nominated under the category – Best Film $2 million-5 million. AFFF Ltd. Chairman, Alan Finney, renowned for his unwavering lifetime support of Australian cinema, co-founded Ozflix in 2015 with the organization’s CEO, Ron Brown.


Talking to AB FilmReview Ozflix, Co-Founder, and CEO Ron Brown, “We have created the Ozflix Independent Film Awards to recognize the great achievement of making a successful film for under $5 million as opposed to a budget in excess of $20 million. When you consider that 76 percent of all local features are produced for less than $6 million, we are long overdue in celebrating this consistently tenacious industry sector. Extracting a good result within the restraints of a tiny budget, rather than a large one, requires substantially more ingenuity, creativity and sheer commitment. Therefore, every achievement is that much greater.”

Talking to SAT, Girish said, “He is happy the Colour of Darkness has made it to these prestigious film awards. This will encourage independent cinema and make us vibrant to move ahead with more good and relevant cinema.”

There are many other categories in the awards including Best Documentary, Best Performance –Male, Best Performance – Female, Best Director among others.

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