Gujarati film ‘Dhh’ at Children’s International Film Festival (CHIFF)


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 26 March: Films beyond the regular blockbusters can be a good experience. Young film buffs here will be treated with an exclusive Children’s International Film Festival (CHIFF), the very first film festival of its kind in Australia for children aged 4-16. An Indian movie in Gujarati ‘Dhh’ will be part of the festival apart from others.

Dhh (English subtitles) is about three best friends Gungun, Bajrang, and Vakil prefer to spend their time in school cracking jokes rather than focusing on their studies. One afternoon, the boys skip school to go and see a magician performing in a nearby town. With midterms around the corner, the boys write to the magician asking him for a trick to ace their exams. Days go by and times get tougher with punishments at school and warnings at home. All hope is lost, until one day, the magician replies! His letter arrives with a parcel that claims to hold the key to cracking their exams. Will the magic work?

Dhh is a clever story about perseverance and challenging oneself to exceed expectations. It is directed by Manish Saini and stars Naseeruddin Shah, Kahaan, Karan Patel, Kuldeep Sodha etc. Music is by Sagar desai and cinematography by Prahlad Gopakumar.

The CHIFF will take place from April 27 to May 6 in Melbourne. All details at –

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