India after 4 years of Modi: Stagnant job growth, concern over lynching’s, no engagement with the fourth estate, China biggest challenge in foreign policy


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE, 27 June: The four years of the Modi government came under critical scrutiny by four prominent scholars (Dr. Pradeep Taneja, University of Melbourne, Dr. Alex Davis, La Trobe University, Dr. Anand Kulkarni, RMIT and Dr. Bob Smith, RMIT.) at an event organised by the Australia India Institute (AII) at the University of Melbourne today.

Short presentations on Modi’s interaction with China, Use of Yoga as soft diplomacy, macro/microeconomics, and management formed part of the presentations which generated many queries during the Q-A session.

Some of the points emerged were – stagnant jobs growth with the market full of qualified people, no ranked position in 200 top institutions, politics overshadowing policies, bold projects with mixed results, PM not valuing public institutions, lack of official reaction to the numerous lynching’s of members of the Muslim minority in the name of the cow, and the PM not engaging with the fourth estate.DR. Taneja in his presentation said, “China is India’s biggest challenge in foreign policy terms”. ‬

So, what happens in 2019? The overall view was Modi may get a second term despite the recent opposition victories in by-elections as an opposition realignment could derail over leadership conflicts.

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