Panel discussion on Islam in a secular society

The panel at the ‘Islam in a secular society: Individualism vs Communitarianism’. Photo: SAT/NN

BY SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE,31 July: The issue of Islam in a secular society discussed by a distinguished panel saw many different views with the audience throwing in questions that resonated with many contemporary issues plaguing the world.

Muslim feminist Henna Assafiri said only if one is learned one can understand Islam and felt no Muslim country was true to the principles of Islam. She emphasized the need to address the issue of degradation of women in Muslim countries.

Photo: SAT/NN

Assistant Prof. Mehmel Ozlap, Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilizations, CSU said any religion can be destructive or good. He felt Islam and democracy had no problem.

Dr. Meredith Doig, President Rationalist Society of Australia said democracy is a political system and the best way is through secularism and religion should not be imposed on others as it goes against a truly secular society.

“Religion is not the only way people can come into the community,” she added.

Dr. Paul Monk, author, and commentator also participated and the panel discussion was moderated by BarneyZwartz, Centre for Public Christianity.

The event was organized by the Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) and the Rationalist Society of Australia and held at the AIS office, St. Kilda Road.

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