Cricket’s Match Fixers: The Munawar Files (Al Jazeera Investigations) & Cricket Australia and ACA media advisory in response to it

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The following is the AL Jazeera investigation – Cricket’s Match Fixers: The Munawar Files and the text before it:

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit reveals more explosive evidence of corruption in cricket after Cricket’s Match-Fixers rocked the sport in May 2018. The Munawar Files reveal that the match-fixer featured in the earlier documentary is part of a powerful criminal syndicate and has been fixing international matches since 2010. Al Jazeera’s investigators have obtained telephone recordings that show Aneel Munawar ringing in details of fixes in 15 international matches to a notorious Indian bookmaker. The fixed sessions involve some of the world’s best-known players. The teams include E, gland, Australia and Pakistan. Many of the matches include multiple fixes and two involve both teams, making a total of 25 fixes in 15 matches at the highest levels of international cricket. The investigation also discovers that the sport’s governing body, the International Cricket Council, knew about Munawar as long ago as 2010.

Video & text source: Al Jazeera, YouTube

Statement on Al Jazeera documentary

Please find below Cricket Australia (CA) and Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) response to Al Jazeera’s documentary.

Cricket Australia CEO, James Sutherland said:

Cricket Australia takes a zero-tolerance approach against anyone trying to compromise the integrity of the game, and to suggest anything otherwise is unsubstantiated and incorrect.

Prior to the broadcast of Al Jazeera’s documentary, Cricket Australia’s Integrity Unit conducted a review of the latest claims by Al Jazeera, from a known criminal source, and, from the limited information provided by Al Jazeera, our team have not identified any issues of corruption by any current or former player, including in relation to Big Bash League matches.

We have full confidence in our players in also protecting the game, and we are working closely with the ACA to keep them informed of any developments.

The materials we have been given have been referred to the ICC’s Anti-Corruption unit and we will continue to work with them in order to ensure the integrity of the game.

We urge Al Jazeera to provide all un-edited materials and any other evidence to the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit.

Australian cricket is proactive with its sports integrity management and Cricket Australia’s Integrity Unit oversees and maintains the integrity of all domestic cricket in Australia, including BBL and WBBL matches.

In addition to this, prior to the start of each Australian season, all professional cricketers are required to participate in thorough anti-corruption education sessions before being eligible to compete in CA’s domestic competitions.

Australian Cricketers’ Association Chief Executive Alistair Nicholson added:

The players and the ACA remain committed to taking genuine match fixing claims seriously and cooperating in any investigation process should it be required,” Nicholson said.

However, as I said two months ago, enough is enough when it comes to unsupported accusations which unfairly tarnish players reputations.

The players are sick and tired of being subject to accusations, without the proper evidence to substantiate it.

Source: Cricket Australia Media Advisory, 22 October 2018.

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