SBS (Hindi) visits the Darcy Road Public School to learn about Hindi teaching there


By SAT News Desk

MELBOURNE,13 September: The SBS Hindi team recently visited the Darcy Road Public School in Wentworthville to find out more about their Hindi classes and the importance of learning languages. The SBS also highlighted about the SBS National Languages Competition 2019 and encouraged participation amongst the students of this school.

“English is the largest language of all but Hindi is the largest language of children who speak a second language and so the education department agreed that we have a Hindi community language program in our school,” says the Principal Trudy Hopkins of the Darcy Road Public School in Wentworthville.

Kulwinder Kaur, a teacher of Hindi at the school, says that these Hindi programs are for children who are of Indian origin and want to learn Hindi. Talking about the process of taking children in Hindi class, she says that children of Indian origin are given the option to learn Hindi while entering school.

The program involves teaching children the Hindi alphabets, teaching through various Hindi songs and dances, considering such activities are of interest to the children and they grasp the language sooner.

Although she says that children have some difficulty in Hindi grammar. Writing is not easy yet, but they have no problem in reading. She says that children in whose home Hindi is spoken are able to perform more naturally than other children in their Hindi class.

Principal Trudy says that after Hindi, she plans to include Tamil in the school curriculum. Because after Hindi, the second biggest speaking language in the school is Tamil.

Kulwinder says that “Hindi is not only a language for children of Indian origin but they also have an identity. She says that culture and language are not separate from each other.”

- This story is based on SBS media release.

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