Subcontinent Friends of Labor and the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations welcome Victoria’s $45 million Corona crisis package for international students

Davendra Singh & Manoj Kumar. (Photo taken before the COVID-19 crisis)

MELBOURNE, 4 May 2020: The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) and the Subcontinent Friends of Labor Victoria (SCFOL Vic), has welcomed the $45 million International Students Emergency Relief Fund announced recently by the Hon. Daniel Andrews Labor government in Victoria.

Like other support groups, the SCFOL Vic and the CAPA International Officer Devendra Singh have been strongly advocating the government to look after the wellbeing of international students affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Kaushaliya Vaghela MP visited RMIT international students during their orientation day. (The photo was taken before the COVID-19 crisis).

The SCFOL Victoria Chairperson Mr. Manoj Kumar has thanked the Victorian Government for supporting international students during these tough times. Mr. Kumar also thanked Victorian MP Kaushaliya Vaghela for her direct advocacy for this cause to the Victorian government. On 23 April, addressing the Victorian Parliament gave her ‘Members Statement ’, highlighting her views about the sufferings of the international students due to the current pandemic.

Devendra Singh says the recent Victorian government announcement is a step towards the betterment of international students in the current situation. International students are an integral part of the multicultural community and international education is an important export industry in Victoria.

“It is the responsibility of the government to look after the well-being of the individuals who have trusted them and made Victoria their second home. This crucial step by the government is beneficial for the students and the state alike, both socially and economically. It will go a long way in enriching and cultivating the ever-growing culture of Victoria,” Mr. Singh says.

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