Lockdown period – boon or bane


By Deepti Sikka

MELBOURNE, 5 June 2020: The COVID-19 lockdown period is leaving a profound impact on humankind. People are living at different times, on one level there is a physical disconnection with the society but at another level, people are back to the grassroots level realizing and valuing family bonding.

Families are spending more time with each other, having meals together which was forgotten and is now welcomed with open arms. Children are spending more time with the parents, going out to the parks, taking time out for bike rides, and with time the new routine is getting embedded as a new lifestyle. The lockdown period has given an opportunity for people to rekindle their relationships and understand the family better.

Gaurav Angi, Senior Manager, NBN says, “I have changed from being a father to be a friend to my kids, the important message learned is that material things are not that important as spending quality time is important”,

Hobbies and passions which gathered dust over a period of time have started emerging again. We have realized in order to maintain our mental wellbeing its critical to go back to basics and revive the artist in ourselves.

Talking to South Asia Times, Amit Sharma, Consultant, NAB said, “We all wanted a break, everyone was following a set routine. The lockdown period has definitely forced us to rethink our priorities”.

People have started understanding the importance of slowing down while enjoying the simple joys of life. As well as spending more time in understanding one’s inner self and for once stop being a part of the rat race.

Though it’s unfortunate that a global pandemic was required to acquaint people with their forgotten reality but somewhere finally the realization has dawned that we have been so busy making our lives perfect that the real meaning of life and relationships were lost.

The lockdown period for sure is the new paradigm of functioning and the year 2020 will be etched in everyone’s memories for years to come.

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